As long as the tongues are confused

The NCIT is a not-for-profit association, composed of interpreters, translators, as well as the beneficiaries of the services. Together, we work for the advancement of the Kingdom of God. The NCIT will serve as long as tongues are confused.

The interpreters, translators and other language service providers we call actors, and the Christian associations, churches, authors, producers, etc. we call beneficiaries.

For interpreters and translators, the NCIT offers...

Participation in exciting projects

The NCIT runs varied and motivating projects. Some take place for a fixed period, others are continuous. Although the activities of the association are carried out by humans, God is the head of the NCIT. He calls us and works in us "to will and to work for his good pleasure" (Phil 2:13). Ask God and listen if he calls you to participate in one of the projects.

Training before and coaching during the project

Translation and interpreting situations are different and thus require different creative approaches to achieve a good result. Each project includes training and coaching, to equip you for your translation or interpreting assignment. This involves both traditional training (course style) and mutual training between members. The goal is to raise the potential of each person who is involved in a project, whether their skills are already well developed or still in the making. We assume that God has already prepared your place. Ask Him what role He has for you.

An ecosystem to develop and grow together

For each project, the NCIT tries to create the best possible ecosystem in which translators and interpreters can evolve, while taking into account the needs of the beneficiaries and aiming for the advancement of the Kingdom of God.


Each project leads to the creation of resources that will be made available to the community: strategies for solving various problems, tools and tips, answers to frequently asked questions...

For Christian organisations and churches, the NCIT offers...

Project management

The NCIT manages translation and interpreting projects of various types and sizes. Contact us and ask your questions.

Access to resources

Each project managed by the NCIT generates resources that you can use for your own translation or interpreting project. These resources can be a project management plan that guides you through all the steps, the problems encountered and their solutions, technological tools used, etc. In addition, the NCIT creates specific resources that answer essential and recurring questions.


You already have access to the resources, but some questions remain? Contact us

Training your own team of interpreters or translators

Do you already have a team of translators or interpreters? Or would you like to create one? We will be happy to help you train them and set up an ecosystem that suits your situation.


Thanks to Paul Edstein for the linguistic revision.