Project Description

This translation project was carried out between May and the end of November 2020 and served as a basis for a Master of Arts in Translation and Specialised Multilingual Communication. In this context, the first 3 of 9 episodes were translated from French into German using the Translation Crowdsourcing approach. Various support and training were provided to help them.

Available Resources

After the project closure, some resources are still available on the resource platform. Simply create an account to access "The 7 churches of Revelation". You will find:

  • The interview with the film's producer (article and video in French)
  • The Master thesis (in English)
  • Feedback on the experience of writing a Master's thesis (video in French)
  • A list of Translation Crowdsourcing Platforms
  • A quiz on basics about translation (in German)
  • An analysis of the characteristics of a documentary film and its relevance for translation (written in German)
  • A Translation Brief / Übersetzungsauftrag according to the functionalist approach to translation taught by Christiane Nord (in English and German)
  • A style guide for this project (in German)
  • A step-by-step guide for translation (in German)
  • An introduction to the CAT-tool Smartcat (in English)
  • Typical translation pitfalls (in German)
  • Links for online research (in German)
  • A checklist for self-evaluating your translation

The documentary

In English

The documentary is available in English.

In French

The documentary is available in French on the producer's website.

In German

The documentary is available in German on the website of Gerth Medien.